Delaware School for the Deaf (DSD)

The BLUE HAWK'S NEST garden was installed in November of 2011.


DSD high school students work on leveling the beds prior to adding soil.

Teacher Grace Walker is the Garden Coordinator for DSD, and the driving force behind the starting the garden program.  Grace assembled a team of community experts to help plan the project.  With help from HFHK, Grace received a Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant, and an Annie's grant to support the project. "Some of our children have no idea where fruit and vegetables come from," says Walker, "I strongly believe they should know where they come from, what they are, and how they should be prepared."  

The garden program is a partnership among DSD, New Castle County Master Gardeners, and HFHK.  Former DSD staff members and current Master Gardeners Lynn Hessler, Mary Ellen Hillegas, and Fred Hillegas are shown here with Grace Walker and student artwork during the DSD open house announcing the garden program.  "Several [staff members] said that this is the most worth-while project that DSD has undertaken in years.  They see the value and can't wait to be involved," says Mary Ellen. 

The Blue Hawk's Nest garden began in earnest in Spring 2012, when the entire school, from pre-K through high school planted, and harvested the garden.