Downes Elementary

Downes Elementary School began working with Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids in the spring of 2010, as the result of a grant from Dow to HFHK and The DCH.


Our Garden Coordinator at Downes, Special Education teacher Nina Friedlander, will be working alongside Physical Education and Wellness teacher Sandra Hudson, who currently serves as the Chair of the Wellness Committee.


Downes parents Jo Nardo and Erin Vicari help to organize the parent volunteers, who play an invaluable role in keeping our garden growing!


Enthusiasm for the garden is very strong at Downes, as can be seen in their website

Success story! 

This is Ian, whose first grade class planted radishes in the garden at Downes in 2010.  A few weeks later, after the garden was harvested, Ian tasted radishes for the first time in the cafeteria.  He loved them SO much, that his mother Laura says that he now asks for them as a treat.  Here's Ian holding radishes he grew himself in his home garden after learning how to plant them in the school garden.

Third graders watering the garden by hand until the seeds germinate.  After germination, the drip irrigation system will take over!

Our school gardens grow fast-growing and cold weather crops, such as spinach, lettuce, radishes, and turnips.